a little bit about me

Hi Guys,

I guess welcome to my blog, I have never really blogged before so please bear with me.

My name is Chris Stewart and i am studying a bachelor of property through distance ed. I started this blog to communicate and bounce idea’s off everyone studying ACCT 11059 at CQU.

I live by a few mottos i guess, but the one i live by you can see at the top of the screen “passion is the first step to success” i truly believe this, i love what i do and i hope that all of you can find what you love doing and never look back.

I look forward to hearing from all of you about your life in business and if you need anything please let me know 🙂



One thought on “a little bit about me”

  1. Hi Chris,
    Welcome to our course. And great you have got your blog started.
    I look forward to studying accounting with you, as we try to figure out whether accounting can help, or perhaps hinder, us to connect to what is really going on in our firms.


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